Pickled Cucumber

Somehow unknowingly bought a lot of cucumbers (four of them) and they’re stuck in the fridge and getting frozen by the fridge with the weird thermostat.

So here’s a quick and simple way to pickle your cucumbers. It’s my dad’s favorite side dish and grandma likes to make these. Mom has her own special recipe for this, even. She’d cut the cucumbers in cubes and wrap them in cloth and squeeze the cubes until no juice comes out, because she says it makes it even crunchier; then she preserves them.


1 Cucumber

White vinegar

1 spoon sugar

1 tbsp salt



1. Peel the cucumbers in strip sections so it’ll be stripey

2. Slice them with a mandolin (may also be sliced into cubes)

3. Put them in a container

4. Season with salt, pepper and a spoon of sugar

5. Pour vinegar and mix thoroughly

It’s best to let it sit overnight before serving. Enjoy! 🙂

Stripey cucumber


Salt, sugar, pepper and vinegar


Leave in fridge overnight. Perfect as a side dish with pork chops and rice. mmmm


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