Mais con yelo (Corn with ice)

I remember letting Royal Chef and his friend, Boris, try mais con yelo last year. After just trying out one spoonful, they were weirded out and said they don’t like it. It’s strange, they said, as corn in milk and sugar topped with ice is an unlikely combination.

But back in the Philippines, this is a popular snack especially in the peak summer months. It’s another variety of halo-halo, which I still have yet to scout the ingredients in Beijing and let Royal Chef try some.


Whole kernel corn

Evaporated milk

Shaved ice



From the bottom up is 1 spoon of sugar, several spoons of whole kernel corn and then topped with shaved ice (my ice was from smashed ice cubes, so it was crunchy) then pour evaporated milk until it covers half of the glass.

Mix thoroughly and enjoyyyyyy!


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