Duck Breast Salad with Pomelo

I’m back!! Finally gave in and bought VPN for USD1.57/month, trying out if it will work. Though I had problems logging in to WordPress and I can’t even load my gmail.

Tumblr is annoying me because the photos displayed are soft. I can’t let go of WordPress as it has more features and the photos displayed are better.

So since February, we’ve already made three kinds of duck breast salad. Duck breast is being sold at Carrefour for just RMB 6-7 (USD 1.00+) each. Sometimes we get lucky with the quality of the breast and there are times it’s just chewy.


Chrysanthemum leaves

1 cup carrot – shredded

1 cup cucumber – sliced

Pomelo – cut into segments and pit removed

Duck breast – 2 pcs



Soy Sauce

Pomelo Juice


1. Prepare everything in a big bowl except the duck breast. Segment the pomelo and remove the pith. Here’s a how-to segmenting a citrus fruit.

2. For the duck breast, pan/grill fry the skin part for 5-7 minutes to render the fat; pour out the oil (you can keep it in a bottle for future uses like cooking scrambled eggs!) . Flip the breast over and cook the other side for another 5-10 minutes. You may cook the inside of the breast in an oven for 5 minutes, 250C.

3. Take out the duck breast and rest for 5 minutes with a foil covering it.

4. Slice the duck breast thinly.

5. Pour the dressing over the prepared salad and serve high on a plate; then arrange the duck breast on top.

Cooking the other side with the rendered fat from the skin. Look at the oil!

Slice thinly after cooling down.

The salad: carrots, chrysanthemum leaves, pomelo, cucumber. 

We’ve been having salads lately as it’s getting warmer here in Beijing. Hopefully, I’d get around to posting the second duck breast salad soon.


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