Eggs Benedict Lite

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Chef decided to make Eggs Benedict (I have no idea there are so many versions for this… Eggs Florentine?? I’ma come up with Eggs Geraldine!) because he saw English Muffin in Jenny Lou’s.

I remember the first month we were dating, Chef made me Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce; and he didn’t know that I am not a fan of egg yolk (even until now, unless with salt), so to mask the taste of the sauce, I put tons of KETCHUP on it. The horror! haha

Anyway, it isn’t so bad anymore, egg yolk, just as long as I do not eat it as it is. Blech.


Ingredientsserves 2

Ham or bacon

4 Eggs


2 English Muffins/halved

Sauce, lite version: Chef is on a diet, so he made a “lite” version, which I absolutely love because of the tangy lemon flavor.

Unsweetened Yogurt

Lemon Juice

tsp Mustard poweder

Pinch of cayenne pepper

pinch of salt



For the sauce, mix everything on a bowl, and microwave for 10-20 seconds on high heat. Mix thoroughly.

It’s a little bit like my other recipe Egg and Mushroom on Toast, except that you grill the ham or bacon. Toast muffin, spread butter on both halves of the muffin, top with arugula/parsley, the ham, then the poached egg. Drizzle with the lite sauce, sprinkle with pepper. Done! Enjoy 🙂


eggs benedict

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