Greek Chorizo Salad

Our go-to salad ingredients in Manila has become mustard leaves, tomatoes, onions and cucumber. These are the easiest and cheapest ingredients we can buy from the local neighbourhood market. We would have wanted to buy arugula or romaine lettuce, but compare it with the price of a bunch of 5 peso mustard leaves plus the hassle of driving to the grocery just to buy these greens. We do treat ourselves with arugula when we get the chance to stock up on groceries.

Here’s a very easy salad you can whip up at home. If you do not like the strong flavor of the onions, blanch them in just-boiled hot water to remove some of the flavor.

Greek Chorizo Salad-1788

Chorizo (or Longganisa) – chopped
Onion – sliced
Cucumber – sliced
Tomatoes – sliced
Mustard Leaves – chopped
Lettuce – chopped
Feta Cheese – cubed

Dressing: olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper

Fry the chorizo, set aside to cool.
Mix everything together in a bowl, then toss with dressing.

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